White base Pocket T-Shirt

White base Pocket T-Shirt

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Custom made in the UK 

Using premium T Shirt base and high grade materials.

Disclaimer: By purchasing this item you understand and agree that the camo pattern on each pocket will be different and unique as cut from genuine Multicam cloth. Some will have more of one colour than others, some will have the multicam logo ect ect.

We use mens fitted tshirts not unisex, so if you are on the upper end of one size, I would suggest getting the size up from normal.

Size chart: 
S: 35-37 Inch Chest 
M: 38-40 Inch Chest 
L: 41-43 Inch Chest 
XL: 44-46 Inch Chest 
2XL: 47-49 Inch Chest 
3XL: 50-52 Inch Chest